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Tentang Google+

Kita semua tahu bahwa jejaring sosial Facebook adalah Jejaring Sosial terbaik, terlaris, terbesar dan paling diminati di Dunia. tapi seiring berjalannya waktu, Jejaring Sosial nomer 1 di Dunia ini banyak pesaing yang ingin menjatuhkannya, dan Jejaring sosial 1 ini GOOGLE+ adalah pesaing terberat FACEBOOK

Proyek google+ yang merupakan jejaring sosial google yang bakal dipastikan menjadi ancaman dan saingan facebook mulai dirilis terbatas dan masih dalam tahap ujicoba, dengan mengundang beberapa user.

Google+ dijadikan sebagai tempat aktivitas berbagi di web sama halnya dengan dunia nyata. Berbagi bermacam-macam hal dengan orang-orang yang berbeda.

Konsep berbagi ala google+ nampak tak jauh beda dengan jejaring sosial lainnya. Dimana pengguna dapat berbagi foto, link, informasi dan bergabung dalam video chat. Tentunya google+ yang siap bersaing dengan facebook memiliki keunggulan tersendiri dengan fitur-fitur handalnya. Mau segera bergabung dengan google+, kita nantikan saja peluncurannya untuk umum.....

Google Plus, tepat pada akhir Juni 2011 isu google plus akan di luncurkan akan tetapi google plus ini masih tahap percobaan. Apa itu Google Plus? Google + adalah suatu jejaring sosial yang dikeluarkan google. jejaring ini hampir sama dengan facebook dan kabar terbaru google plus ini memiliki fitur yang lebih komplit. pertanyaan sekarang apakah google plus bisa mengalahkan facebook??

Baru di-soft launching dua hari yang lalu, Google + atau disebut Google + sudah dibanjiri banyak peminat. Tidak tanggung-tanggung, CEO Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg bergabung dengan Google Plus. Hal ini dilaporkan oleh yang melihat profil Mark di Google Plus.

Meski demikian, kemungkinan bahwa nama yang terdaftar adalah seseorang yang mengaku-ngaku jadi Mark Zuckerberg juga bisa terjadi. Namun, melihat banyaknya anggota yang ada di Circles Mark Zuckerberg merupakan para pejabat Facebook, kemungkinan tersebut menjadi kecil. Artinya profil yang ada di Google Plus itu kemungkinan besar adalah Mark Zuckerberg.

Bergabungnya Mark Zuckerberg ke Google Plus mungkin untuk melihat dari dalam fitur-fitur apa yang ditawarkan oleh Google Plus dan tentu saja mungkin mencobanya dan membandingkannya dengan yang ada di Facebook. Banyak pendapat awal dari mereka yang telah berkesempatan bergabung dengan proyek Google Plus ini mengatakan Google Plus layaknya Facebook (copy cat) dengan beberapa perubahan dalam penggunaan istilah seperti Circles untuk Friend.
Screenshot Google+

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Suikoden II 2 recruiting PS1 108 Stars of Destiny character list

In an attempt to make the Suikoden II 108 Stars Walkthrough easier to navigate while playing, I’ve listed characters based on how early you can recruit themQuestions / Comments down below.

1 – Riou – Hero from Kyaro.Absurdly good in battle in every category – prime healer once acquiring Bright Shield Rune.
$ – Jowy – Not a star, because of an event that happens.
But his Black Sword Rune is one of the most powerful runes in any Suikoden – watch Jowy wreak havoc in the Sindar Ruins. Much later you will see the level 4 Black Sword Rune ability – very destructive.
2 – Nanami – Hero’s sister Nanami. They live together in Kyaro with Genkaku. Fast with a high critical attack, but lacking in attack power, defense and magic. With Spark Rune she will boost up the entire party’s agility.
3 – Gengen – First you meet Gengen the Kobold at Viktor’s Fort. Gengen goes to get Flour at Ryube with you. He later joins automatically. Not a fan of Gengen in battle – strength and defense are average at best for a front line fighter, and his technique is awful. No magical ability. I’ll end on a good note though -  I think he has a unite with Gabocha.
4- Mukumuku – The first optional recruit, and one of the hardest recruits in the game if not the hardest. Though, there are two times when you can recruit Mukumuku. The first time to recruit Mukumuku is when you get to Kyaro with Jowy. Jowy heads to his house and you can do the same (northwest part of Kyaro). But as you take that screen west out of town near your house. Head north (east of your house) to see a large tree. Search it three times and Hero will walk around, and Mukumuku comes out. Mukumuku has been recruited.
If you miss Mukumuku here, you can recruit Mukumuku later in the game (After liberating Greenhill I believe). Along the path from Greenhill – Muse, you can walk around that stone path with only the Hero (or at least an open spot) and eventually Mukumuku will join you. I think you MUST first talk to the girl in Greenhill that mentions something about a ‘red-caped squirrel’. Otherwise he won’t be on the path.
He is actually a fine warrior in battle – lacking in HP, but his defense stands up for a short time and his attack is quick, powerful and gets critical hits somewhat regularly. You could do worse, especially early on as his tough defense limits enemies to 1-5 damage for a while (though his HP is low).
5 – Rikimaru – Interesting character.You find him passed out at Ryube once you are able to wander around and recruit characters. Talk to him and pay the 3000 potch to the Innkeeper for all he ate.
Seems like he would be good, but really only excels with total hit points. Attack is average for a front line fighter and his defense is poor (but as stated before, his high HP makes up for it). No magical ability and gets carved up with his magic defense. His only real use in battle for you would be if you randomly have him in your party for the Sindar Ruins event (when you leave Viktor’s Fort and your force is randomly determined). He is actually a decent candidate, if you end up with him.
6 – Millie – Another subpar Ryube character. You meet her early on, and once you are able to ‘recruit’ characters for Viktor, talk to her at Ryube. She is closer to the northeast forest exit. Agree to go with her to find her pet Bonaparte. Head east in the forest to find Bonaparte, which turns into a monster. This can be a volatile battle, with all your weak under-leveled characters. But use your best abilities, Bonaparte does not have a lot of HP. Millie joins afterwards.
Millie is a middle ranged character, but her attack is feeble. She is not much more capable magically either, though if you are going to use her it will probably have to be as a low-level rune user. Her one saving grace is that her Bonaparte Rune actually takes off 3X damage but once a battle. Still not worth justifying using her in battle, and if you end up with her in your party for the Sindar Ruins sidequest, you’ll be pissed.
7 – Shiro – One of the best early characters, and definitely a personal favorite in battles. You recruit Shiro as you recruit Kinnison. During your first recruiting trip in Ryube, you will talk to Millie and go off to the forest for her sidequest. Well, take the north path first instead of east towards Millie’s pet. Go near the bird, and put the bird back in the nest. This is essential. After finishing the fight with Bonaparte for Millie, return back to that screen to see Kinnison and Shiro looking over that bird’s nest. Take credit for helping the bird, and they will sense you are peaceful and are recruited.
Shiro is a great high-risk high-reward character. His speed is very high and he counterattacks often – he’s a wolf after all. And he gets critical hits often too. However, Shiro has a vulnerable defense, and his HP is not that high. Not to mention he gets carved up by magic. Still, he is one of the most powerful early characters for you. You will be very happy to get him for the Sindar Ruins side quest.
Note that early on, you may run into a Double-Beat Rune. If so, equip this on Shiro immediately to make him an absolute juggernaut.
8 – Kinnison – The master of Shiro. To recruit, see above. Kinnison in battle is not a pretty sight. Another weak long-range attacker, with little to no magical ability. Kinnison’s use comes down to his unite with Shiro – it does 1.5 damage to a front line enemy, and 0.5 damage to the enemy in the back row. This is somewhat useful, but if you have the Double-Beat Rune for Shiro, you are probably better served to have him do two regular attacks anyway (since that’d be more damage, though the unite is at least a 100% hit).
9 – Zamza – One of the first recruits, but you find him at Toto as you are checking out recruits for Viktor. You must bring Nanami with you. They will talk for a while and not get along – just go along with Zamza and have him join. Note that if you don’t get him here, you can get him later at South Window.
Another one of my early favorites along with Shiro. This guy is versatile. His attacks are decent – granted he is slow and has a poor technique, so it’s not quite the best option. And he has a powerful yet self-destructive rune to use. But the thing that makes Zamza valuable is his astounding magical ability for a front line character. Later on in the game you may even wish to have him act as a back-row character, exclusively for magic (the Luca Blight battle comes to mind). Try a Lightning Rune on him to see what I’m talking about – he gets lots of high powered magic spells and by the time you fight Luca Blight, he has a level 4 Lightning Rune spell. Along with Shiro and Anita, he is one of the best options for the Sindar Ruins.
10 – Hanna – Talk to her after Toto goes down (as you enter from the southeast, look to the side to see her and recruit her).
Groan…She looks like a tank, but really doesn’t have the skills to provide anything other than being a meatshield. Her defense is good, HP is good, and attack is average. Combined with Oulan, she can at least do more damage. But there are better characters to use at that point. One big advantage worth mentioning is her ability to equip shields, and especially the heavy armor that characters like Humphrey can equip. So if you put the potch into her defensive equipment, she can be tough to penetrate. Also, Hanna is a +3 in war battles so she is a useful chip for making a unit more powerful.
11 – Apple – Automatic recruit. She appears after the Toto incident and joins along with the storyline. She is not used in battle but acts as the one to prepare your War Battle characters later on.
12 – Viktor – Joins automatically as well. You will meet him early on, being saved and ending up at Viktor’s Fort.
Viktor is much more powerful than in Suikoden I. I actually didn’t like him much in Suiko 1, since you have to use him all the time yet his Clone Rune attacks weren’t that great. Suikoden II is a different story though, since we can buy things like a Fury Rune and / or a Warrior Rune. Viktor has one of the highest base strengths in the entire game, so if you do that extra work you’ll see how beastly he can become. Many boast about the thousands of damage points he racks up per hit.
13 – Flik – Joins automatically along with Viktor.
The Flik in Suikoden II is not too different from the Suikoden I Flik. He is still good at attacking and a great Lightning Rune user. Skilled overall. When using him in battle, you should have no problem utilizing his many abilities based on the situation. In War Battles, Flik acts as a Bow-Cavalry unit.
14 – Tsai – Automatic recruit, after Flik and Viktor have you go get him. He is in the Ryube Forest.
Tsai is the Fire Spear engineer, and can use these valuable weapons in War Battles. They can shoot up to 3 enemies in front of you – War Battle damage is unpredictable, so attacking multiple targets at least gives you more chances to succeed. This is a powerful tactic early on. In regular battles, Tsai is not quite as powerful. His technique is high so he will rarely miss, but his defense is poor, his attack is close to poor, and he has no magical ability. Hard to justify using in battle.
15 – Tuta – Young boy who runs around with Doctor Huan. Also will go with you and Gengen to get Flour. When you get to Muse later on, go to the building north of the Inn – you will see Tuta walking around outside. Talk to him, and then a scene inside with Doctor Huan. Huan allows Tuta to join your army.
Tuta is terrible in battle. Long range weapon, but extremely weak. Very little magic ability. Tuta’s main ability is the Medicine Rune, which supposedly uses Medicine but I don’t quite understand how it works.
16 – Anita – Powerful lady you meet at Muse (once you get in after Sindar Ruins). She is at the Inn / Bar. Recruiting her takes some of your time and patience. First of all, bring Antitoxin. You need to do 3 or 4 different things for her and this is one of them. To get her to prompt you to do something for her…you have to talk to her a lot. However, once you do one thing for her, you have to leave the town of Muse and re-enter. Talk to her again upon re-entering and she will ask you to do something else. After you have done 3 things, she will offer to join you. Note that if you miss her here, you can recruit her much later at Banner Village. Just get her at Muse.
Anita is a powerful warrior. Those who have played Suikoden I remember her Falcon Rune from Valeria. She is similar to Valeria in that respect, though the Falcon Rune has been toned down (both in regards to the amount of damage done, and the fact that she misses quite often in this one when doing it). Anita does have a brilliant Unite Attack with Valeria for later on in the game, if you happen to get her. Statistically speaking though, Anita is a powerful front-line fighter – strong, decent defense, no magical ability but her Rune has potential.
17 – Templton – Templton returns from Suikoden I. Your first chance at recruiting her is after you are given the mission from Jess to check out Highland rations. Once you get that mission, head through Toto and to theMercenary Fortress. You will get there in time to see Templton being shown the door. Next, go back to Toto and travel north through the village, taking the second left to see Templton again. She will join you and give you the Suiko Map.
If you miss her at this point, you should be able to go east through Radat after you reach that part of Lake Dunan. You can then go to Mercenary Fortress / Toto through that route.
18 – Gilbert – A guy who is hard to recruit, because a lot of it comes down to luck. Make sure to have a separate Save once you enter Muse with Alex’s pass.
Once you are in Muse for a while, you hear that the Highland Army is attacking. Annabelle will ask Viktor to stall the Highland Army for a few days. This is the battle you want to save before. Spend all of your time attacking Gilbert, using a Fire Spear and anything you can on him. The idea is to damage him (he has two damage points in War Battle, you just need one). After this, he will switch sides (and hope he doesn’t lose his unit / die in battle). If you do not do damage to him, you cannot recruit Gilbert. This is why you need to save before this battle – it is likely you will damage Gilbert if you have everyone attack him, but there is still the possibility that you don’t take off any damage. So don’t miss him. He is not used in regular battles, but will act as a Commander for you in War Battles.
19 – Eilie – 1 / 3rd of the traveling performers. She joins you on your way to Kyaro but her entourage does not officially join until you meet again at Coronet and need to escape the area. She joins automatically.
Eilie in battle is a bit of a mixed bag. Her attack is usable, and so is her magical ability. But she’s not great at any one thing, which can leave an unspectacular feeling in your mouth. Still can be useful especially early on when you don’t have many great choices.
20 – Bolgan – The goofyball of the performers. Joins with Rina and Eilie at Coronet.
In battle, Bolgan is frustrating to use. His attack is decent, defense is below average. But the worst part is his technique is so awful, he probably misses 50%+ of his regular attacks. If he gets countered, even worse. This can be salvaged by using his Unite attack, but then you’re forcing Eilie and Rina into using their turn up to do a three-way unite that isn’t all that powerful. So basically, the hoops you have to jump through to make Bolgan useful just aren’t worth your time to do – enjoy his efforts at North Sparrow Pass, but his usefulness ends there pretty much.
21 – Rina – Ah Rina, the true prize of the Performers. She is weak physically, with HP, and defense. But Rina is one of the elite magicians. Not quite Luc-elite, but on that second tier. She reaches 100+ magic power real early in the game, making her a great candidate to spam Lightning Magic on Lord Luca Blight. May also want to give her a Pale Gate Rune, or a Wizard Rune to make her magic attack even more powerful. Keep her in your rotation – she is worth using all the way to the end of the game if you wish, and is so much more effective than her two circus friends.
22 – Freed Y – Wow. South Window vassal, he joins after the incident with Lord Granmeyer as you just enter the area and take North Window Castle. Has a significant story role.
Just a putrid character in battle, and the worst part is you are forced to use him a few times (including a long journey to Gregminster, ugh). By that time, Freed Y is an embarrassment. He starts off with a Lightning Rune attached to his weapon, which sadly is the best thing about him. For a front-line fighter, you probably couldn’t pick out a worse character. His attack is inept, his defense not much better. No magical ability to speak of. Really, he can’t provide much for us – just a waste of a front line spot, a spot in the lineup that generally provides a lot of punch. As I said, it’s just a shame we are forced to use him on more than one occasion.
23 – Shu – Brilliant but aloof pupil from Mathiu’s school. Friends with Apple and joins with the storyline events at Radat. Supports Hero as the strategist in Suikoden II. In War Battles, Shu has a +3 attack – for a protip, let’s just say I like to pair Shu with Luc’s magic unit.
24 – Leona – One of the older classics who you meet at Viktor’s Mercenary Fortress. She acts as the one to change in party members and takes care of Pilika.
25 – Barbara – She takes care of your item depot. Joins automatically.
26 – Huan – You will first meet Huan at Muse City as he is there with Tuta. Huan is recruited automatically once you acquire the castle. Huan acts as one of the best Healing options in War Battles.
27 – Luc – Luc shows up with Leknaat and the 108 Stars of Destiny Tablet. Luc was always an underrated magician in Suikoden 1 I felt, once it was realized he couldn’t survive in the front line. Same thing with Suikoden II, except now he can equip 3 runes very early on. Get rid of that Pixie Rune and Wind Rune. Utilize his magic total for several high-level Lightning Rune spells. Grabbing a Wizard Rune for him at Two Riverwould be a wise choice. And when you get the Blue Gate Rune, you will want to give this to Luc to put on his head. The level 4 spell is dangerous, but that’s fine, save those for the Lightning Rune level 4 spell. But the Level 3 Blue Gate Rune does great damage, and the level 2 can instant-kill enemies. Stick him in the back row and have him cast high level magic all day long. He is arguably the best magician in the game, rivaled by a hermit-like Wizard you get much later.
If that wasn’t enough, he’s generally the backbone of my army in War Battles. I generally stick Shu and his +3 attack in Luc’s group, and put in someone else like Hanna with +2. Though he cannot move fast, you can have Luc slowly come to the front lines with your other forces guarding him, and have Luc focus on attacking. Attacking from afar, he will only get counter-attacked by other magicians (who you should have your other units take out). Luc’s high regular attack can consistently tear up front-line fighters, and is one of the only units that is going to penetrate the absolute best enemy commander units (Yuber, Kiba, Luca, etc). Sets Luc up well for that other game he is involved in…
28 – Alex – The adventurous guy you met going to the Sindar Ruins. After your retreat and eventual taking over of North Window, go to South Window when you get a chance. Check out the 2nd floor of the Inn to see Hilda and Alex. They both gladly join you and act as your innkeeper and item shop owner respectively.
29 – Hilda – See Alex above.
30 – Tai Ho – My favorite from Suikoden I, but they screwed these guys. You meet him at Coronet, and you have to win 5000 potch in his game. Save before doing this to ensure you don’t lose money. They take you to Kuskus, but later on you are asked to look for someone who can man a ship. Then go to the Kuskus Port to recruit Tai Ho and Yam Koo.
Tai Ho is still very powerful and with a Killer Rune his crit-rate makes him useful as an attacker. But he does little else for us, with no magic ability and is not a strong defensive character. Plus I miss his Unite with Yam Koo that blew any enemy away. A talented character but his overall ability is clearly lacking without his companion.
31 – Yam Koo – One of the rare things Suikoden II did wrong was take away Yam Koo from battles. Wow, why? Would it have been that hard to give him a spear, a generic name for it, and stats similar to but weaker to Tai Ho? They could have kept the unite attack going. Instead, Yam Koo just fishes with you. To be fair, S2 was clearly trying to tone down some of the Unite Attacks that got out of hand in S1. Which is a big reason magicians are so dominant in Suikoden II.
32 – Amada – You have to duel Amada at Radat to shut the sluice gate. Not a tough duel, probably not worth panicking if you didn’t save beforehand. Later on, you are told to look for a person to act as captain of your ship. Amada can be one of those guys (along with Tai Ho). Just recruit them both, but you have to duel Amada and kick his ass one more time to convince him.
Amada is Rikimaru-like in that his only significantly relevant statistic is his high HP total. His attack power growth is maybe slightly above average. His defense is okay but if left in the front line, his high HP can still go down quick.
33 – Richmond – Another Radat citizen. You meet him earlier on, as he helps you recruit Shu. After you have Headquarters at North Window, head over to Radat. Talk to Richmond in the south part of town, by the appraisal shop. If you guess the right one (heads or tails) with his coin flip, he will join. But you cannot win this. Instead, talk to him a lose. Then go to the Bar in the northwest part of town. Take to the guy just west as you enter. He gives you a special coin. Return to Richmond with the special coin, and you then recruit Richmond. He does not serve much purpose, but he does check up on all 108 Stars of Destiny, finding out secret information. Can be neat.
34 – Yoshino – This is Freed Y’s wife. She must be proud of her husband’s battle-tested ways. Anyway, she is in Radat. Put Freed Y in your party, and go to the south part of town, then east past the fence. You will see clothes hanging on the line. Yoshino should be here too. Talk to her and she will force herself into your army so she can stay with Freed Y.
Yoshino is a character I rarely use. She lacks magical ability and can only fight in the back row – albeit with a weak weapon. She seems to be skilled as far as technique but she has little else in her favor.
35 – Adlai – Strange inventor in South Window. You should find him a tad east and north of the Trader’s Shop. Now you need a few things to recruit Adlai. Fortunately, two of them can be found at South Window. Buy a Wooden Shield at the Armory and a Wind Crystal at the rune shop (if you don’t have those items already). Now you also need a Sacrificial Jizo – Bolgan has one of these in one of his item slots. Take one if you wish, or maybe Alex’s item shop at HQ has one. Bring all of those things to Adlai – he will first ask for a Sacrificial Jizo, so give that to him. Then give him the Wooden Shield. Next, you have the option to throw the Wind Crystal at him, so do so. Adlai then joins you. He runs the elevator at your place. The only problem with recruiting him would be if Bolgan’s Sacrificial Jizo is used up – then you may have to wait a bit until you run across a Sacrificial Jizo.Well, actually the next character has one too…
In War Battles, Adlai has an Invention ability he can use. His attack / defense is +0 / +0, but this Invention ability can cause damage to all surrounding enemies including his own unit!
36 – Oulan – Oulan can be found at Kuskus if you have a party full of females (along with Hero, of course). If you talk to the old lady to the left as you enter Kuskus, she will tell of the jerks who attack people with women. So with this full group of females, go to the left part of town over the bridge, and you will get jumped. But Oulan saves you.
Oulan is the bodyguard literally and figuratively. Her defense is stout as she can equip a shield and heavy armor, not to mention her magic defense is solid. Obviously cannot perform magic but as a front liner, she is blessed statistically. Oulan and Hanna also have a Unite attack if you happen to have both of them on the front. Oulan’s Bodyguard ability in War Battles protects characters in Oulan’s group from death, I believe.
37 – Taki – The old lady at Lakewest Village. You can go west of your base to Lakewest after you get a ship captain. She is in the northwest house. Just talk to her 3 times and after that, she will just join you. She’s like Onil in Suikoden I, so you can talk to her at your base for the latest gossip.
38 – Clive – Clive is a special character in Suikoden II. He has his own ongoing quest of chasing Elza around. You have to help him along the way, but have strict time limits as far as bringing Clive to Elza at certain places.
Anyway, to recruit Clive we just have to run into Elza at Muse City early on, in the northeast part of town. Help her out by taking what she gives you, then leave the town. Clive will come out and confront Elza, while Elza holds up Hero as a hostage. Clive shoots, misses, and Elza runs off. Clive chases her. You HAVE to have seen this scene to continue the quest with Clive. Next, you will see him at South Window, just south of the entrance. He needs a way to Lakewest, but you don’t have a means of getting there for a while. However, once you go to Lakewest (need Amada or Tai Ho) you can go back to South Window and tell Clive you have a way there. He will join your party.
Now the rest of Clives quest with Elza probably warrants it’s own page, so we’ll save that for another time. But suffice to say, it’s not a bad thing having to bring Clive around to Elza with how he is in battle. Clive has avery high technique ability, and if you put some money into his weapon and give him a Warrior Rune / Fury Rune, he will be extremely powerful. Clive already has a high critical-attack rate, and his attack power is higher than most long-range allies. He has no magical ability so he is kind of a one trick pony, staying in the back row shooting enemies, but nonetheless it’s a role he plays probably better than anyone else in Suikoden II.
39 – Hans – Hans is the armorer. His armor is comprised of the armors you see at other armor shops around the world. You will see Hans on the 2nd floor of the Two River Inn. You can recruit him immediately, or if you want some big time potch and don’t mind waiting, you can ask for money so he can open a shop. If you don’t mind being an ass I’d recommend it, since you don’t really need him this minute, but getting a large sum of Potch is helpful considering how easy it is to burn through sharpening weapons and buying Fury Runes / Wizard Runes / Warrior Runes.
40 – Fitcher – A vassal of Muse, he flees the city and you meet him as he is working for Makai of Two Rivers. After chasing back Klaus and Kiba, Fitcher is fired by Makai and joins you automatically. Can’t be used in battle, he is just a storyline personality.
41 – Ridley – Leader of the Two River Kobolds. Ridley joins automatically after aiding them to drive back Highland.
Ridley cannot be used in normal battle, but he is one of the top generals in War Battles. His unit is very high in attack naturally and with some good units he can be an absolute beast on the front lines. Ridley’s Critical Attacks are satisfying to watch.
42 – Chaco – Annoying Winger who joins automatically after repelling Highland.
Chaco is a decent if not unspectacular ally in battle. He is fast, good enough technique, and a decent attack. But that’s about it. He offers little with magic. In War Battles, Chaco allows you to fly around the battlefield. I think he provides just a +0 Attack +1 Defense but his ability to cruise will likely warrant a spot under some general.
43 – Gabocha – Admirer of the great Gengen. Gabocha is at the Two River Kobold District, in the first house you see. Bring Gengen there after defending Two Rivers from Highland. Gabocha will want to join and follow with Gengen.
Note that if you wait until you get the Greenhill mission, you will not be able to recruit Gabocha until after Greenhill. Gabocha will not be in the house if your Greenhill party is assembled.
In battle, Gabocha has a weak long-range attack. He has a Kobold Attack with Gengen but I think it takes off 1x damage (so pointless, besides the fact it’ll hit 100%).
44 – Tetsu – Go to the Kobold District of Two Rivers and buy some Fried Tacos. A couple sets actually, and equip them on your characters. Go into battle and use the Fried Tacos on Riou, until he starts smoking. He is now ‘toasty’. Bring him to Lakewest, and check out the house in the northwest (not Taki’s house, the one to the right of it). Tetsu is in here, and he will appreciate how Toasty you are. Tetsu is then recruited to make baths at your castle.
45 – Shilo – The white trash looking guy at Lakewest Inn (once you defend Two River). You need to win 5000 potch from him in Chinchirorin, the game you play with Tai Ho. Just save before you do it to ensure you win and recruit Shilo. I actually had to go to HQ and then back to Lakewest to get Shilo to challenge me.
Shilo is not very useful in battle. Typical high-technique but weak long range character with no magical ability to compensate.
46 – Hai Yo – The cook. After returning from Two River, go to the northeast part of the castle and explore a bit. Once outside, you will see Hai Yo speaking with a guy, and you can then let Hai Yo be your cook. The area transforms with plush seating and Hai Yo’s custom kitchen. Not sure why anyone would use him in battle, but if you want to experiment then by all means. Not at all unlike Antonio and Lester in Suiko I.
47 – Sid – A winger in the sewer below the Winger section of Two River. You may have stumbled upon this earlier and after a creepy encounter, automatically left the room. If you have not found the room yet, look next to a ladder about halfway through the sewer. If you go left of this ladder you will go through the hole in the wall to Sid’s room. You need to have Chaco in your party, as Sid will mess with him for a bit. Then Sid just joins you so he can harass Chaco all day. You can recruit Sid before you go off to Greenhill, but you have to do it right after liberating Two River – if you get your Greenhill mission, you cannot recruit any optional characters until it’s finished.
Very similar to Chaco in battle, accept maybe a little slower but more attack. Sid unfortunately has a Waking Rune which causes him to be asleep starting a battle, but in Fury Mode when woken up.
48 – Stallion – This guy is running around Radat, and you’ve probably talked to him already. You need to run from 50 battles in order to beat him in a race. You can then recruit Stallion.
Always one of my favorite characters, because I love the added speed on the World Map. Especially useful if you’re trying to save time doing the Clive / Elza quest. Anyway, Stallion is mediocre in battle. Very fast, decent technique, but with a weak attack and no magic support. Since I like his World Map speed effect I try to salvage his spot in the 6-man battle roster by giving him a Warrior Rune or Fury Rune, something to augment his attacking ability.
49 – Wakaba – An interesting personality, wise about martial arts. Just find her to the east as you enter Forest Village – She’s actually available to recruit after Two Rivers is defended. You may need to return to HQ and go back to Forest Village (that is, without taking on the Greenhill mission).
Wakaba is a talent in battle. Not a brute as far as strength, and her defense is weak, but some of her other stats are amazing. Really high technique, speed and hit points.
50 – Tony – Check out the mayor’s house at Forest Village. The northeast house. Inside, you see Tony in the bedroom to the southeast. Keep asking him to come be the farmer at your castle, and the mayor will allow him. Just like Wakaba above, you can recruit Tony after Two Rivers but you may need to return to HQ and then go back to Forest Village.
Tony lets you play whack a mole. Fun, actually. And you can give him crops. Find him in the field to the northeast at Headquarters.
51 – Emilia – She shows you around when you initially go to Greenhill as students. Later on, you can find her behind the desk. You can even ask her questions about Shin, which will make her get suspicious. Just choose to explain yourselves, she is a trustworthy ally. At North Window, she acts as your librarian so give her your Old Book Volumes.
52 – Shin – Protector of Teresa, mayor of Greenhill. He joins automatically as you escape the city.
Shin looks pretty cool and has a 3x damage rune on his side, but he has some weaknesses that are exposed often as a front line character. Moderate HP, and a terrible defense. Between that and his 1-time-per-battleSpider Slay Rune, hopefully the battles end early.
53 – Teresa – Acting mayor of Greenhill, wanted by Highland. She is hiding out at Greenhill and the City-State wants to rescue her from the clutches of the Highlanders. Once you complete the sidequest in Greenhill as students, you can then recruit Teresa.
Teresa is not active in battle, and primarily is involved in storyline matters. But Teresa is actually a commander of a unit in War Battles, oddly enough. Her unit is always very weak, a base of 5-6 attack and 6-7 defense. I think it’s actually 5 / 6. So she’s weak, and you probably won’t want to waste your strong War generals making her attack go from terrible to marginal. Instead, stick healers or magicians in her unit. But Teresa does have a Bombard ability that allows you to attack a unit from a long distance. So this can actually prove useful against a weaker defensive foe like a magician unit, getting a quick damage point from way far away. That said, her attack is so weak you can’t expect too much.
54 – Nina – Crazy girl who chases Flik around at the Greenhill Academy. Eventually you find out she is involved with Teresa, and Nina eventually joins you.
Nina actually has some value as a decent magician in the Luca Blight battle at least. You can level her up to the high 30′s and get her over 100 for magic, netting her a few level 3 lightning rune spells and a valuable level 4 lightning rune spell. Other than that, I don’t use her at all. She’s a good magician, but there are many who are better. And her attack is putrid and not worth sharpening her weapon for.
55 – Meg – Classic Suikoden I character. You can find Meg at the Greenhill / Muse border, messing around with the guards. She can’t get through, so let her join your army.
Meg is pretty bad in this one, too. Mediocre magician, I guess maybe you could find some value sticking her with a Water Rune or something. Weak attack, but has a serviceable unite with Gadget. Who actually is pretty good…
56 – Gadget – Joins with Meg – see above.
Gadget has some value in battle. When built up, his defense is absurd. Stick him in the Luca Blight battle as a meatshield, and just watch and see what happens if Luca does a regular attack (without the fire). Luca takes off like 10 damage total. Gadget’s attacks are powerful, but he’ll miss a fair share. Again, he does have that unite with Meg, but that means you have to keep one subpar character (meg) and one average character (gadget) in your party. But Gadget should definitely be considered for the battle with Luca, with his high defense.
57 – Jeane – Jeane is at Two Rivers after fleeing Greenhill. You want to visit this rune shop often anyway since Warrior Runes / Wizard Runes will pop up from time to time. But let Jeane join your army, and she will be your runemaster. Of course, her inventory is stocked with everything you have seen in other stores, and she has no Rare Finds.
Jeane is a useful unit in War Battles. She has a Lightning Rune option that is definitely worth using – dare I say is one of the most likely-to-damage abilities in the entire game.
58 – Viki – Along the way to Matilda, you will run into Viki. Just have her join you – if you ask her to come with, she will teleport all of you to Headquarters.
Always one of the best characters, since she can send you anywhere you’ve been, saving you a lot of time. She’s actually a good mage too. Despite the fact that sometimes her spells backfire. But she has the Blinking Rune, which has a nice level 2 attack all spell. And she is a useful Lightning Rune user in the Luca Battle too, easily over 100 magic in the high 30 levels.
59 – Futch – Complete the Futch / Humphrey sidequest at Highway Village. It’s actually a hard side quest, with a tough Harpy boss and lots of strong foes along the way at Rakutei Mountain.
I’m not a fan of Futch in battle. He can equip some nice armor, but is pretty weak in terms of attack. Not to mention has no magical ability. I just have a hard time using these mediocre attack medium-ranged characters that can’t provide any sort of value either offensively or as a support magician.
60 – Humphrey – Joins with Futch after the sidequest. It starts when you see some scenes and Humphrey himself at Highway Village.
Just like the Humphrey from Suikoden I, he is a stalwart on the front lines. Great attack, decent enough technique, and an impregnable defense. Even better, if you equip a Windspun Armor on Humphrey in Suikoden I, it will transfer over to him in Suikoden II. This would be very nice as it’s a top heavy armor, making him absurdly strong defensively early on. Definitely use Humphrey in your battle against Luca.
61 – Miklotov – Joins automatically after the Matilda and then Muse events.
Miklotov is one of the best front line fighters you’ll find, both offensively and defensively. Terrible using or defending against magic, but that’s to be expected. Also has a good unite with the weaker Camus.
62 – Camus – Joins automatically with Miklotov.
Definitely the weaker of the two head Matilda Knights but also the more versatile one. He’s not great at magic, but he’s decent. Plus he has a Rage Rune, which is good. But I still don’t like to use him much.
63 – Kiba – After returning from Matilda, you will hear Radat is taken by Highland. It is Kiba and Klaus. After a few battles and Ridley’s fake retreat, you will have captured Kiba and Klaus. Say that they are too useful to execute and then recruit them.
Kiba cannot be used in normal battle, but is a staunch defender as a War Battle leader. Something like 7 attack / 12 defense are his base stats. Thus, he is a very useful front line unit.
64 – Klaus – Joins with Kiba above, if you spare them.
Klaus cannot be used in battle either, and mostly acts as a supporting tactician. In War Battles though, few are as valuable as Klaus. +0 attack but a whopping +3 defense. And he adds Cavalry and Evade.
65 – Kasumi / Valeria – You automatically get to choose one of these Suikoden I ladies to join your army, once you reach Gregminster. If you want the specifics on which to choose, read below.
It basically boils down to – Valeria is a powerful tank in battle, definitely more valuable than Kasumi in that regard. Will do more damage, have a higher defense, and when paired with Anita the two have one of the best unites in the game. Meanwhile, Kasumi has a weak attack and a terrible defense, and has to be stuck on the front line. It’s really a struggle having her in battle.
But recruiting Kasumi allows you to enter Rokkaku much earlier and to recruit two ninja characters there. A lot of people will choose her on this basis alone. So if you are racing against time doing the Clive quest, you probably want Kasumi. That said, it’s not fatal to your chances of completing the Clive quest and 108 Stars in 20 hours if you choose Valeria. Ultimately it just takes you a little longer to expand the castle and recruit the final characters.
66 – Sheena – Lepant’s son. As the head of the Toran Republic, Lepant orders Sheena to join your army.
Sheena actually isn’t too bad. Not great, but solid overall. Decent attacker. Not the highest defense or speed or technique, but again not too bad. Plus, he has decent magic power. For that reason, you may find yourself using him on the front lines against Luca. Not for his defense or physical prowess of course, but as another Lightning Rune user.
Note – many of the next recruits can be recruited much earlier, but I choose to wait until I have the Blinking Mirror from Lepant so that they can be done quicker. Especially the Hix quest.
67 – Lebrante – He wants a Celadon Urn. You may remember these from Suikoden I. Well, you can buy one at Gregminster trade shop. So do so, and return to Radat. You can then recruit Lebrante, even though he is an expensive appraisal option.
68 – Yuzu – Little girl at Kobold Village (the one south of Two River). You will see her after the Greenhill events I believe. She is with her sheep as you travel north through town. Offer to help her, and you appear in the forested area north of the village (by the big tree, where you see the unicorn). Collect the sheep around here, some may be hiding behind the tree (by some treasures). You can give Yuzu animals that you find throughout the world, she is by the field in the northeastern part of your base.
69 – Hix – You first meet this little brat at the Lakewest Inn. Talk to him here, and then go to Kobold Village to the south to continue his quest (again, I always wait until I have the Blinking Mirror to do this). Anyway, at Kobold Village Tengaar will fake getting sick to make up some retrieval quest for Hix to do. It consists of teleporting around to various places (Wind Cave, Two River sewer, South Window item shop) and retrieving items. After you get all three, a unicorn takes Tengaar away. Travel through the forest at Kobold Village, until you get to the far east side by the big tree. The unicorn is here, but doesn’t harm Tengaar. Afterwards, Hix and Tengaar join.
I hate Hix. Ever since Suikoden I, when the game forces you to have Hix on your front line against Neclord! This game at least doesn’t force you to use him, but the above quest is annoying enough. Hix has a subpar attack and defense. He is technically sound, but again, you’re going to want someone with a higher defense or the ability to shell out more damage. He has a unite with Tengaar, but don’t bother.
70 – Tengaar – Tengaar though has no problem being effective in battle. Her attack isn’t so bad for a long range attacker, but her value is in her magical ability. She is not great, but she is maybe one of those third-tier magicians that are good enough to reach 100 magic power by the high 30′s in level. Meaning she’s another great Lightning Rune candidate against Luca.
71 – Badeaux – Now that you have a bit more recruits, you can go to the Forest Path (path to Matilda) and talk to Badeaux. However, you need Shiro in your unit, and he will sense the kindred spirit and join you. Badeaux also gives you two very valuable Listening Crystals for recruiting animal-type allies later on.
Not much to say about Badeaux in battle. Can’t say I’ve used him much, but enough to see he has mediocre stats. He does have a Howling Rune which seems to work well with animals. To what extent, I don’t know (inform me in the comments below if you do).
72 – Feather – You need to have recruited Badeaux and his Listening Crystals for this recruit to be available. Anyway, in Forest Village (northwest of Greenhill), you should see a scene to the north as you walk into town. Choose to save that griffin, so fight the bad ones. They are not hard to dispatch. Then use a Listening Crystal to talk to the kind bird, and you will recruit Feather. Note that if you are going for all 108 Stars, you haveto use a Listening Crystal on Feather so that you can recruit Ayda too.
If you are going to bother with two slots using a beast, Feather isn’t a bad one to choose. His Shining Wind Rune is decent against all foes, but it is his dominant regular attack that you should be using.
73 – Ayda – Joins along with Feather, assuming you use a Listening Crystal to recruit Feather.
Typical archer. Nothing that sets her apart in battle really. She has a high speed, but most archers do. Mediocre Magical and Attack ability. Ayda also is a War Battle unit leader, strangely enough. She has Forest Walk, which allows her to burn through forests at rapid speeds. Having Repair Self doesn’t hurt either. But her weak attack and defense make her similar to Teresa’s unit.
74 – Connell – An easy recruit. Just bring a Sound Setting to him – he can be found in the second or third house on the left as you enter Forest Village. I think one early Sound Set you  can find is in the Rare Finds at the Radat item shop. Just give all your Sound Settings to him, if you wish to change them.
75 – Tomo – Sometime before the events with Luca Blight attacking, Tsai will come by and ask you to bring him to his house at Ryube. Bring Tsai there, and you will see Tomo. She will join you.
Tomo has a unite attack with Tsai which does 2x damage to the front row. Her stats are similar to Tsai’s, except she’s probably a bit faster.
76 – Simone – You need to check the Rare Finds at Banner Village Item Shop often. You are looking for a Rose Brooch. Buy it once you see it. If you have the Rose Brooch and enough recruits, you should see Simone near the docks at Radat. Check the left side of the docks to the south and he should be there, where you entered to look for the Shu coin.
Not that great in battle though. Mediocre attack and defense, with a high technique. Can be used in the back row at least, and is a serviceable magician. Nothing great though.
77 – Sasuke – You can recruit Sasuke and Mondo early if you chose Kasumi. Otherwise you have to wait until your castle is the biggest it gets (something like 95-100 recruits). Anyway, if you chose Kasumi, just put her in your party and head towards Gregminster along that path. After you climb the ladders at the mountain, continue along the path, hugging the south part of the trees. You will eventually go through the trees to the Ninja Village of Rokkaku. Within, Hanzo will have Mondo and Sasuke join your army.
Not a fan really. A long range attacker, but a weak one. The speed and technique ensure he’ll at least connect, but the lack of power usually means he doesn’t get use from me.
78 – Mondo – The other ninja that joins after you visit Hanzo at Rokkaku. Again, you can get him much earlier if you recruited Kasumi instead of Valeria.
Mondo is a ninja that makes his way on the front lines. He’s not the strongest, not the fastest, but overall he provides a little of everything. Well, besides magic.
79 – Lorelai – Lorelai is at Gregminster. I think you need 60 or more recruits to get Lorelai to join.
She’s an interesting character though. Decent attack and defense, but a high technique and great with magic. She can even equip a Blue Gate Rune on her head. Not an elite magician but one of the few really physically gifted magicians.
80 – Gordon – The trade shop guy at Gregminster. You probably saw him as you were buying a Celadon Urn for Lebrante. Anyway, you need to have a 50,000 potch profit from trading to get Gordon to join. And yes, the profit can be made before starting the bet up with Gordon at Gregminster. Buying cheap Ancient Texts at Gregminster or Kobold Village is a good way to make trading money. Or Crystal Balls at Forest Village and sell them at Kobold Village.
81 – Sigfried – The unicorn you met during the Hix and Tengaar quest. If you return to that big tree in the forest with Listening Crystals and a maiden (female), Sigfried will come out. Accept what he says and he will join you.
Takes up two slots like the other monsters, but doesn’t seem to be quite as powerful overall as Feather. Does have the White Saint Rune which does decent damage to a number of enemies.
82 – Hoi – One of the many characters who appear after the Luca Blight night raid. Hoi is at Radat City, at the bar. So go to the bar to see him impersonating Riou, acting like he was the one who took out Luca Blight. Bail him out and take his side – afterwards, you’ll get beat up, but Hoi will join you.
Hoi has a unite attack with the Hero, but it’s not that great. You shouldn’t use him anyway. He is weak, and even his high points (speed / technique) are not that great. You can do better..
83 – Karen – Another character that springs up after Jowy takes over. You find Karen in Kuskus Village, she is a dancer. This is more complicated than Suikoden I with Mina, where you just put on a pair of Toe Shoes. With Karen, you actually have to do button-combo dancing. Not that hard, but if you’re having trouble you can write the sequences down quick.
Karen is a subpar character as well. She is weak physically, but at least is medium-ranged so she can be in the back row. She cannot really deal much for damage though, even as a magician she is average at best.
84 – Max – After defeating Luca, check out South Window to see Max. Just as you enter, he will find you. Of course let him join.
Max cannot be used in normal battles, but is a War Battle unit leader. He is not quite as formidable as he was in Suikoden I when he was the best attacking general, in fact his unit is quite poor. I think his base stats are +6 attack +7 defense, along with Cavalry. If anything, just be conscious of not losing his unit in battle so as to screw up the 108 Stars of Destiny.
85 – Annallee – A quiet songstress. You find her at the South Window Inn after Luca goes down. She will get kicked out of the Inn, and then leave. Follow her to the northeast part of South Window, but the imperial palace. Look east as you walk up to the palace, to see Annallee on the grass. Speak with her and keep asking her to sing. She will then join. Note that in order to get her other two musician friends, you have to recruit Annallee first. Another strange thing is that when she ‘sings’ for you…you don’t hear anything. Hmm.
Can’t be used in battle. Talk to her at your HQ and she will perform music from the game.
86 – Killey – A strange man, in search of Syndar things. You find him at South Window. After talking to him, mention Alex at your HQ who knows about the Syndar. Killey will say ‘oh yea, that’s right’, and then go off. Return to your HQ, by the Inn / Item Shop. Killey will confront Alex about the Syndar, but Alex doesn’t have much to say. After this event, go back to South Window and talk to Killey. Just keep asking him to join and he will.
Not as good as you would think. He does attack twice like the Hero, so his low attack-power is salvaged in this way. However he is quite average, though he’s maybe a tad faster / tougher defensively than most. Still, you come away expecting more.
87 – Bob – You surely have seen Bob plenty of times at the Two River Kobold Section. He talks about how awesome he is, but you can tell when you are getting closer to recruiting him. You need something like 75-80 recruits, so you should be able to recruit Bob sometime after the Luca Blight battle.
Yet another character who seems weaker than he should be. He is decent in human form, but decent doesn’t really cut it at this point in the game. Using the Rabid Fang Rune is nice since it turns him into a powerful Werewolf, but it does take a turn to use. Even then, he’s not that great. Fortunately he is a medium-ranged character, so if you are going to use him he won’t get carved up on the front line.
88 – Koyu – Little Lampdragon Bandit that comes to HQ after the Jowston Hilltop scene with Jowy / Pilika / Riou. You find him at the entrance to your castle as he joins automatically.
A fast little bugger. Comes with a Gale Rune. Too weak to be using in battle though.
89 – L.C. Chan – As you get past Tigermouth Village, travel west to Crom. Then return to your HQ and put Wakaba in your party. Return to Crom, and go to the Inn. Before you can enter, LC Chan runs out.
Pretty much an upgraded version of Wakaba. A bit more of a brute, but the same fast / high technique type. Not elite power, but lots of HP too.
90 – Raura – Find her at Tinto, up the first few sets of stairs and just to the east of Gustav’s dwelling. Just ask her to join and once she hears you know Jeane, she will join.
Not much point to Raura, besides the lovely scrolls she creates.
91 – Tenkou – Tenkou is at Crom. To recruit Tenkou, we need a Window Setting. The problem is, chances are, you don’t have a Window Setting when you first get to Crom. Unless you were lucky and got a droppedWindow Setting 1 from a Tiger. The first Window Setting you should come across is Window Setting 5 in the cave on the way to Tinto.
Once recruited, you can find Tenkou by Connell on the second floor southern exterior, changing your window settings.
92 – Kahn – I’m a big fan. Not that I think he’s overly powerful, just a good, functional character with a cool gimmick. You first get Kahn early on at North Window when you first see Neclord. Naturally, as you run into Neclord again later at Tinto, Kahn comes along. To be precise, you find Kahn after everyone retreats to Crom. Kahn joins automatically and brings you to Sierra.
Kahn is a versatile character. A good enough attack for the back row, and he’s blessed with a lot of HP. But his Resurrection Rune is nice, especially early with Abomination. Probably will want to give him another rune in addition if you use him going through the Tinto Mines to defeat Neclord.
93 – Sierra – Another personal favorite, she joins at Tigermouth Village after Kahn suggests checking the place out. As you enter, villagers will be harassing her. Eventually, you fight her to prove you are strong enough to defeat Neclord. Her magic is strong, but stay healed – she does not have much MP, so spam your best magic attacks.
Sierra can be put in your party right after joining. I suggest doing so. Her Darkness Rune provides quality attack spells level 2-4, and she gets a lot of them. Her drawback is that she is forced to be in the front row. Her attack is serviceable, but her defense is weak. I like to give her a Blue Ribbon so she doesn’t get targetted with physical attacks.
94 – Lo Wen – Save her from Neclord at Tinto. She joins afterwards.
One of the brute-type long range attackers. Nothing really special to say about her – she lacks the magic power to make any kind of difference. She is a +2 attack in War Battles.
95 – Gijimu – Joins after the Neclord events.
Powerful Lampdragon Bandit. Gijimu is one of the more powerful medium ranged characters available. Plus he attacks twice. Of course he’s not worth a damn with magic, but at least his strength makes him relevant.Gijimu is also a +2 attack in War Battles, utilize him.
96 – Marlowe – Joins after the Neclord events. His role is minimal – he gets your bed ready when you get to Tinto, that’s about it.
97 – Hauser – Joins after the Neclord events.
Overall, a powerful front line fighter. He can’t use magic much, but in terms of skill, defensive ability, hp, and attack, he is one of the more well-rounded characters available to you. It’s just too bad he joins so late. Hauser is also in control of his own War Battle unit, 9 strength 7 defense.
98 – Jess – Be sure to forgive Jess after the Neclord events. Jess will then join if you choose to ‘fight with him’.
Everyone’s favorite ass in Suikoden II. He’s worth having if for no other reason than his +2 attack and evade ability in War Battles.
99 – Georg Prime – If you have all the recruits by the time you finish the Tinto / Neclord events, you should be able to recruit Georg on the walk back to the castle. Through the Tigermouth Village path and stick to the lower path as you go east. You will reach a cliff, an area that was empty before, but Georg Prime is there now. To recruit Georg Prime, just talk to him and tell him you won’t give up.
Georg is the first crazy good end-game character you run across. His strength and defense are astounding – rivaled only by Viktor, Pesmerga, and animal-types that don’t wield weapons. Great technique and speed even – just don’t bother with magic. But who cares? Stick this guy on the front lines if you want one of the very best. If that is not enough, he has the best base attack out of any War Battle leader (11 attack 8 defense with critical ability). Sets him up well for that one game, oh yea, the Suikoden V Walkthrough.
100 – Gantetsu – Gantetsu – A great priest! He is available as soon as you get back from Neclord’s Quest – not sure if it’s completing that, or just the amount of recruits you get that triggers Gantetsu’s recruit speech. He is always at South Window. When you are ready to recruit him, you’ll be able to get in a ‘pushing’ contest with him, which basically gauges your group’s attack power. If you fail just bring in Gadget, Shiro, and other high attack characters.
This guy has potential, too bad you get him so late. There are better options at this point, but Gantetsu is a statistical rarity. He actually has a good defense for a magician. Which helps, since he has to be in the front row. That said, as a magician, he is more of a C+ / B- type, so there is only so much value with this guy.
101 – Pico – You must liberate Greenhill. And you must have Annallee in your party – the shy songstress you met at South Window Inn. If all of these conditions are met, go to the Greenhill Inn. Look west to findPico. He joins.
102 – Alberto – The third musician. He is at Tinto, but you cannot recruit him when you first get there. You first need to liberate Greenhill, and then recruit Pico at Greenhill. Once you have Annallee and Pico, go to the Armor Shop at Tinto and recruit Alberto. Like Pico, he doesn’t really serve much purpose once recruited.
103 – Jude – Another character to recruit after liberating Greenhill. Go to the Blacksmith area of the Greenhill School – first of all, the blacksmith there should give you the Silver Hammer which you need, and then talk to the guy in the northeast part of the room – this is Jude. He seems to be missing something – Clay. Hmm, well Forest Village is close to here, so use the Blinking Mirror and then have Viki teleport you there. At Forest Village, go to the north part of town by the forest where you saw the Fake Elza. Then look for a path east and southeast to talk to a man – this guy knows where the Clay is. Return to Jude, give him the clay, and Jude is recruited.
The only purpose Jude serves is to create the Guardian Deity with the Rabbit / Turtle / Dragon / Unicorn Plans.
104 – Tessai – The blacksmith you hear about in Kuskus. Eventually, after Tinto, he returns to Kuskus. Bring Viktor to him, and he will join in amazement at the opportunity to work on the Star Dragon Sword. Tessai acts as your Castle Blacksmith, and as you bring him better hammers he can level up your weapons to higher levels.
For what it’s worth, you’re only going to need two Hammers. The Silver Hammer (to level 15) from the Blacksmith student at Greenhill, and the Golden Hammer (up to max level 16) which can be found in Sajah, a highland village. It randomly shops up in the Sajay Item Shop Rare Finds.
105 – Genshu – Odd fellow in his own little world over at the Coronet Port, surely he has caught your eye at some point. You need to have Tessai and that Silver Hammer to get Hero’s weapon at Level 15. When you have a level 15 weapon, you can then go recruit Genshu.
Genshu is a lot like Shin, meaning he’s not as good as you would think he is. Maybe a tad above average statistically, and while he’s vulnerable defensively he seems to at least be more resilient than Shin.They have an interesting but hardly efficient Unite Attack – 0.5 damage to all enemies plus 20% chance of Instant Death. Could be useful against a pack of 5-6 highland soldiers, I suppose.
106 – Vincent De Boule – Only available after you have about 100+ recruits, and you must have Simone earlier. Vincent is at the same location that you found Simone at – the eastern part of Radat, by the docks. Take the first south path to see him, but you must have Simone in your party. You can then recruit Vincent De Boule.
You couldn’t use Vincent De Boule in battle in Suikoden I, but you can in this one. He is much like Simone, physically weak but with some magical power. And he has a Unite with Simone, but I can’t imagine anyone seriously using both of them in battle lest it be experimentation.
107 – Mazus – The elite wizard of Suikoden II. Much like his counterpart, Suikoden I Wizard Crowley. You will need over 100 characters recruited and the castle to be at it’s full size – you can see Mazus earlier, but he won’t join until then. To find him, go through that Tinto Mine Cave again. Bring an Escapipe for this adventure, because you have to go nearly all the way to the end. Remember those gray slides in the last room before the Rock Golem? Take the east slide a few times to get to that central area in the room, and then go south and west to see a slide and Mazus. The slide up prevents you from going there easily, but just go slide south and work your way west and north to recruit Mazus.
This guy and Luc have to be considered the elite magicians in the game. Mazus might even be better than Luc, as he is permanently affixed with a Blue Gate Rune (which Luc already has) and a valuable Thunder Rune. Pair those two with a Wizard Rune and watch Mazus becomes the ultimate magician, able to tear through many enemies with Level 2 and Level 3 Blue Gate Rune Magic, and having multiple high level Thunder Rune spells to use. Oh, not to mention he has his own sweet War Battle unit. +9 attack +6 defense with Fire Magic attacks.
108 – Pesmerga – Why not save Pesmerga for last? Any of the above 5-6 characters can be recruited in any order after taking Greenhill (and ultimately the ‘fake’ battle at Muse since that’s immediately after). Anyway, we all know from Suikoden I that Pesmerga is looking for Yuber. For some reason though, he is at the top of the Cave of Wind. You don’t need anything special besides having your castle at the max size and 100+ recruits.
Pesmerga is just ridiculous. In regular battles and war battles. His attack is extremely high, plus he has a Rage Rune embedded on his weapon. Defensively he’s covered since he is permanently equipped with a Horned Helmet, Guard Ring, Chaos Shield and Knight Armor. Oh, in war battles he has a +3 attack +0 defense and Cavalry ability. You get him late, but you can still make use of this guy.

Suikoden I 1 PS1 108 Stars of Destiny Walkthrough Guide (PAS 17)

Suikoden I 108 Stars of Destiny recruit list

I’m listing the 108 Stars of Destiny based on how early you can recruit any given character. This should make the walkthrough easier to follow as you go through the game recruiting stars. Generally speaking, character’s will be analyzed on their base statistics with attack power / magic power being probably hte prime categories for determining dynamic potential in battle.

1 – Tir McDohl – The very first Hero in Suikoden history. Naturally, Tir McDohl is good at just about everything. His attack is solid, but it is his technique that is otherworldly. McDohl is skilled with magic as well – he’ll get plenty of uses out of the Soul Eater Rune.
2 – Gremio – The caretaker for Tir McDohl. Constantly worrying about Hero’s wellbeing throughout their journey. Gremio joins automatically at the beginning, but is lost for a while in the middle of the game. Fear not. There is a way to bring him back, but you need all 108 Stars of Destiny recruited before taking on the last battles. You then get Gremio back in your army. Even more incentive to use this guide and make sure you recruit everyone…
In battle, Gremio is quite mediocre however. Not really capable with magic, and his attack is decent but not great. His 1.5 x damage Unite with Pahn helps, but still, Gremio’s ability is lacking by the time he ‘leaves’ at Soniere Prison. This is why I tend to stick him with a Holy Rune so he’s at least allowing us to run faster:)
3 – Cleo – Another companion of the Hero, one who seems to possess a more calm disposition compared to Pahn and Gremio. She joins automatically early on, and is given a Fire Rune. This is a good rune for her – she is decent using long-range physical attacks, but she has decent magic power so it’s good to make use out of it. Her Fire Rune is especially needed heading through Toran Lake to the castle.
4 – Viktor – The first member of the Liberation Army that Tir meets. You will see him in the Inn at Gregminster as you are attempting to leave. Gremio, Tir, Cleo and Viktor then flee Gregminster city and Viktor is at your side from that point on pretty much.
Viktor is good at one thing, utilizing his attack power. Early on at Mt. Tigerwolf, you will come across a Clone Rune. This is only used by Viktor, for about 2x damage except he’s unbalanced the next turn. Still, it is worth it to use all the time because it’s an automatic 100% hit. This is good considering Viktor’s skill is not that high. And second, it allows him to ‘defend’ the second turn to prevent damage.
5 – Mathiu Silverberg – Wise in war, but moved to the peaceful village of Seika to get away from it. As per Odessa’s last wish, Hero and friends are sent to Mathiu for help. After some pleading, Mathiu finally decides he cannot escape his fate and joins as the tactician for your army. He plays a heavy role in the story and the direction of your army the rest of the game. Not usable in battle, of course.
6 – Camille – Camille is at Kaku, a port town. She is in the southeast part of town, at the bar. Camille knows Gremio, and after the scene joins your party for the time being.
Not sure why, but I like Camille. She has about average strength with a medium ranged weapon, and provides some magic ability.
7 – Tai Ho – Here is my Suikoden I favorite. After recruiting Camille, you will hear about Tai Ho. Save first, then go downstairs at the bar and talk to Tai Ho. He will join you, but you have to be lucky and beat him in a game of Chinchirorin. You can either win in the 1st round or lose for a long time. It depends. Anyway, once you win, Tai Ho joins you on your way to Lake Toran.
A good officer. A great officer. Tai Ho has good strength and a medium weapon. Little magic ability. So why is he so good? The Fisherman Attack withYam Koo takes off an astounding 3x damage!! Suikoden learned their lesson and stopped making dominant unites in later Suikoden’s, but take advantage of it with Yam Koo and Tai Ho. As said before though, Tai Ho is a strong character even without that unite.
8 – Yam Koo – Joins with Tai Ho above.
Not quite blessed with Tai Ho’s statistical dominance, but he is a bit above average with strength. Lacking in magic as well, but combined with Tai Ho, his 3x damage Fisherman Attack Unite is too good to pass up. Yam Koo and Tai Ho are one of my most used duo’s in the game along with Varkas and Sydonia.

9 – Luc – Joins automatically after liberating Toran Castle. Apprentice to Leknaat the Seer.
I used to despise this guy when I first played the game. It was much later when I realized sticking Luc in the back row was a better idea. Luc is not quite as ridiculous as he is in Suikoden II, but he is a strong magician in this one nonetheless. Luc starts with a Wind Rune, though I usually switch to a Lightning Rune (The Shredding is nice but the rest of the Wind Rune spells leave a bit to be desired).
10 – Chandler – You first meet Chandler after escaping Ain Gide’s clutches at Kwaba Fortress. He is at the south end of the fortress.
Once you acquire Toran Castle and are told to go recruit Lepant, make a trip to Kwaba Fortress quick (among other places). Talk to Chandler and have him open up his item shop at your HQ. Chandler’s item shop will have items that you have looked at around the Suikoden World, at other item shops.
11 – Sergei – Kaku resident. You will find Sergei at the southeastern bar. Talk to him after you have Toran Castle and he will join you. Sergei’s main contribution is the elevator he creates at your headquarters.
Sergei can be used in battle, but starts off at an extremely low level and is terrible statistically anyway.
12 – Marie – Marie is the Gregminster Innkeeper, who helps hide Tir McDohl. After it is found out, she is banished from the city. You then find her at SeikaVillage. After you have your own castle on Lake Toran, talk to Marie and have her open up her Inn at your HQ. Marie is recruited.
13 – Onil – The gossip character in Suikoden I. She is in a house in the middle of Seika, and joins willingly. Talk to her at HQ if you wish to get some random gossip.
14 – Maas – A blacksmith at the Great Forest. Hopefully you went to the Great Forest to build up before Lake Toran. It is to the far southeast of Kaku, Seika, etc. Enter the blacksmith shop at Great Forest after you have your Toran Castle, and Maas will be recruited.
He can only sharpen weapons to level 5, but he can be used in battle. Granted, Maas can only really do regular attacks and he’s not that strong, so you can do much better. Maas is up there with Moose as the worst Blacksmith in battle.
15 – Sansuke – The bath guy at Great Forest. His house is just west of Maas’ Blacksmith place. Enter and talk to Sansuke, and have him join to make baths at your HQ. Sansuke starts off on level 1, and really never gets that great anyway.
16 – Kai – The last character to recruit before going to get Lepant. You can find Kai to the far southwest of this region, at the Fortress of Garan. Talk to him, he is Tir McDohl’s old master. He will gladly join.
Kai is actually quite skilled. His Unite Attack with Hero does 1x damage on all enemies, much like Riou / Jowy’s Unite in Suikoden II. Kai is not especially skilled except in technique, but still may provide some value early on considering his unite and decent overall ability.
17 – Krin – Wow, what a personality. You meet him at Kouan, after you realize it’s not going to be easy getting into Lepant’s Mansion. Krin is sneaky and devises a plan to get in. He tries to get you drunk later, but it’s all good. Krin joins after all this.
Krin is a long ranged character, who is fast but very weak. Funny part is, I actually use him. Even funnier, the games makes you use Krin real late in the game at Moravia Castle.
18 – Rock – Shortly after sneaking into Lepant’s Mansion, you see Rock in his own room. Talk to him and have him join you. He opens up a vault at your HQ, which is useful because it lets you strip armor off of characters not in your active party so it is easy to manage your roster and have the best armor on whoever you like.
19 – Juppo – The goofball trickster who has set stuff up at Lepant’s Mansion. Towards the end of the mansion you’ll run into him. Be nice to him and have him shut down the machines. He joins after this.
Juppo is a true joker. His unite with Meg is halfway decent (attacks all enemies), but of course that means you actually have to use them both. Juppo’s strength is poor, and despite his high magic count it’s irrelevant thanks to the Trick Rune that he is forced to have. His other stats aren’t that bad though, as he’s lucky and skilled.
20 – Lepant – After getting Kirinji, Lepant storms off to save his wife. Go to Commander Kraze’s building in northeast Kouan, and aid Lepant. After saving his wife and the rest of the events, Lepant will join you.
Lepant is a strong front line character. Defense could be a bit more stiff, but what can you do. He also has one of the best melee units in War Battles, once you are able to recruit Sheena. Oh, and Lepant has a unite attack with Eileen for 2x damage. Which is good, except Eileen is not skilled with physical attacks so it’s usefulness is limited.
21 – Eileen – Joins automatically with Lepant after the events.
Eileen is weak, but a good magician. I believe she starts off with an Earth Rune, and this is good. Earth Runes get worse in later Suikoden’s…but inSuikoden I, Earth Rune is powerful especially the level 2 earth rune spell. Earthquake can take out a large group of enemies. So she is a good long-range option with her magical ability, and even better if you have Lepant to take advantage of their unite attack. Not in the upper-tier of magicians but on that next level.
22 – Giovanni – The greeter at Lepant’s Mansion. He too joins after the above events.
Giovanni is just the greeter at Lepant’s Mansion. He doesn’t do much for you, certainly not in normal battles. He does act as a ‘thief’ in War Battles; he either steals Potch or (hopefully) can tell you what the enemy is going to do next.
23 – Pahn – One of the more significant characters in Suikoden. One that goes through many transformations at least. After Pahn’s betrayal atGregminster, you meet him again at Kouan. This time, he sides with you and takes out Kraze. Pahn then joins, if you forgive him (which the game makes you do, anyway).
Pahn plays an even more important role with acquiring all 108 Stars of Destiny. There is a point in the game where Pahn is likely to die, unless he is built up tremendously. So pretty much before taking down Milich at Scarleticia, you will need to have Pahn in the low 30′s for level and a level 11 or 12 weapon (thanks to the Teien Blacksmith). Not to mention elite armor – Pahn has a tough duel to win, and he must do so.
In battle, Pahn is quite good. He lacks technique so he will miss, but his power is one of the highest in the game. Combined with Gremio, his 1.5 x damage unite is nice in that it’s an automatic 100% hit in addition to the extra damage. Once you recruit him at Kouan, use him often so he is prepared for the above incident. We can’t have him die if we want all 108 Stars.
24 – Varkas – Bandit who you meet really early in the game. Varkas is falsely accused of stealing from Grady of Rockland, and after you apprehend Varkas you end up freeing him for the aforementioned reason. A bit later in the game, after you have your castle and recruit Lepant, you will find Varkas andSydonia back at your HQ. They both join automatically, before the banquet.
Varkas in battle is like Tai Ho. Not that they are similar in what they do, but they’re both underrated. Varkas can equip the heaviest armor (and is versatile enough to attack in the back row too, but keep him in the front to soak up damage). Varkas cannot use magic but his 2.5 x damage unite attack with Sydonia is one of the very best in the game, doubly so considering they are not ‘knocked down’ the next turn. Varkas and Sydonia get the call for me all the time and often are two that I use against one of the tougher bosses in the entire game, Neclord.
25 – Sydonia – See above. She is recruited with Varkas after the Lepant events.
Sydonia is a powerful long-range attacker. Quick acting and can dodge attacks well too. Not skilled with magic, but when she has that 2.5 x damage unite attack with Varkas, who cares? They are a formidable duo – decent characters by themselves but pair them to get the most out of them.
26 – Kirkis – Kirkis is found after returning from Lepant’s Mansion. You will see an elf passed out by the boat at your castle – this is Kirkis. He tells ofKwanda Rosman’s behavior, and eventually your army decides to go help and Kirkis joins to act as the guide.
Kirkis is okay, but like most long-range users, he has a weaker attack. Give him some versatility with a Water Rune. You will need to have Kirkis leveled up to near 40 to get a recruit later on.
27 – Meg – Meg is in Kaku, remember? Now that you have Juppo, put him in your squad as soon as you leave with Kirkis to the Elve’s place. As you sail to Kaku, go by the Inn with Juppo. Meg will annoy him, and eventually want to come with. Let her, and you will recruit Meg.
Meg is feeble, not at all unlike her uncle. Average power, defense, speed and magic. Slightly above average skill and a super high luck stat. Oh, and they do have their own little unite, which is decent.
28 – Sheena – Sheena is a normal looking guy, hanging out at Seika Village. As you leave with Kirkis, put Lepant in your party and drop by Seika. Lepant will knock some sense into Sheena and force him to join your army.
Pretty solid overall, actually. Not great at attacking or magic, but decent at both. He’s a bit vulnerable defensively though. Sheena has a 2.5x family attack unite with Lepant and Eileen.
29 – Gaspar – The gambler guy who appears in the Kaku bar basement after you recruit Tai Ho and Yam Koo. If you talk to him as you are going toLepant’s Mansion, he won’t join you but complain about you taking away Tai Ho. But after the Lepant stuff, go there on the way with Kirkis and Gaspar will challenge you. If you make 5000 potch he joins. Save before starting the game since it is so unpredictable.
Gaspar cannot be used in battle, but you can make a horde of potch by saving and then playing his game for a max bet.
30 – Antonio – Antonio the cook is at the Seika Inn. Talk to him after the Lepant Mansion events, and he will mention he wishes he had a place to cook. Now return to your Lake Toran Castle. Speak with Marie until she mentions she could use a cook. Then go back to Seika and you can recruit Antonio.
Antonio is a joker in battle. He’s up there with Sergei and Sansuke as far as characters that are really, really bad in battle. Only use him if you want to entertain yourself (However, it should be said Antonio’s weapon actually gets quite powerful by level 16).
31 – Viki – Viki makes her first of many appearances in Suikoden I. You find her at the Great Forest, as you make your way through with Kirkis. Viki will eventually teleport in – have her join you.
Despite being a powerful magician in other Suikoden’s, Viki cannot be used in battle in Suikoden 1. Viki is in the basement at your HQ, able to teleport you to places you have been before. Once you acquire the Blinking Mirror, you will also have a way to return back to your HQ, allowing you to go around and recruit characters very easily.
32 – Valeria – Valeria is a good one. You meet her at the Elve’s place, as you are thrown in jail with her. You get out, and she joins you automatically.
At the time you get her, few will be as useful as she is in battle. Her Falcon Rune is unfair – basically acts like the Clone Rune without the user getting imbalanced (2x damage to single enemy). Her weapon is also sharp when you get her. You’ll come across front line fighters with higher attack power, but her automatic 2x damage Falcon Rune is one of the best.
33 – Meese – When you get to the Dwarve’s City, check out the blacksmith. They can level you up to 9, plus you can recruit Meese. But you have to have recruited Maas earlier.
Meese is much like Maas in battle – slightly above average power / technique / hp, but can’t really offer anything but regular attacks.
34 – Templeton – Templeton is at the Elve’s Village, after the Burning Mirror incident. You have to enter, exit, and re-enter to see Templeton. He gives you the Suiko Map, making world travel much easier on you.
35 – Kuromimi – You see this kobold as soon as you get to the Great Forest. He joins you automatically at Kobold Village after the incidents with the Dwarve’s Vault and then the Elve’s Village.
Kuromimi is okay in battle, but nothing flashy. Probably has an attack slightly above average, and has a decent defense with shields. Oh, and he can equipGold Necklaces which are some of the best accessories in the game. His skill is not great though and he tends to miss / get countered, not to mention he has no magic ability.
36 – Sylvina – Kirkis’ elf lady. She joins automatically after fighting the Empire Soldiers at Great Forest.
Unfortunately, she’s quite mediocre. Her magic is good enough that she’ll get some spells, but she’s certainly not elite. Her attacks are weak – she’s at least accurate, fast and lucky though.
37 – Stallion – The speedy blue elf. He also joins automatically after fighting the Empire Soldiers at Great Forest.
Terrible in battle, since he cannot equip a second rune. He’s fast and accurate enough, but his power is low. His only value is that True Holy Rune, which acts as a normal Holy Rune in towns and dungeons, but on the world map it also allows him to burn all over the place. Having him in your party thus saves a lot of time.
38 – Humphrey Mintz – The big guy who you initially meet with Odessa early on. Eventually he joins at the Great Forest after defeating some Empire Soldiers.
Humphrey is a true tank. High defense, good attack power, and can equip the strongest pieces of armor around. In particular, you will want to give him aWindspun Armor, as you can transfer that Windspun Armor to Humphrey in Suikoden II. It’s pretty much the best piece of armor but you won’t get it until the end of Suikoden I. A few negatives about Humphrey – of course, no magic value, and his skill is quite low so he’ll miss often.
39 – Kwanda Rosman – Kwanda Rosman the Insurmountable has been protecting Barbarossa for a long time, and he is the first Imperial general you clash with. After beating him in a war battle, traverse through Pannu Yakuta Castle. You will then have to heal up and duel Kwanda at the top of the castle. After the duel, be sure to spare Kwanda and you can then recruit him.
Kwanda is naturally very stout defensively. Plus, he can equip heavy armors. His attack is good, and even though his skill is not great, his defensive brilliance more than compensates.
40 – Gon – After defeating Kwanda Rosman, tell Mathiu you want to walk back to the castle. Since you have Kuromimi in your party, stop by the Great Forest and go to the southern house. Gon is inside. Kuromimi is pretty much his hero, so let him join your army.
Not much we can say about Gon that sticks out. Well, except his absurdly high luck stat. His attack is quite average, and he can’t provide anything magically. He has a 2x damage unite with Kuromimi that doesn’t result in being imbalanced. Can’t imagine many use both of them for prolonged periods of time though.
41 – Fu Su Lu – An absolute terror. You meet him at the Great Forest Inn. You can recruit him, but you have to pay his 10000 meal ticket. Do so though, and not just because you want all 108 stars of destiny. Fu Su Lu is one of the strongest allies in the entire game, and his HP total is monstrous too. Nothing in terms of magic / skill / speed, but few can get close to his raw power.
42 – Lorelai – The Sindar seeker who you met at Kouan Inn earlier. She doesn’t join that early. But after returning from the Kwanda Rosman campaign, she should join you. You need to be about level 25 to get her to join (you can actually backtrack and recruit her before disposing of Kwanda).
Lorelai unfortunately is not that good in this one. She is powerful in the second one though (plus her level in S1 might transfer over too, so more incentive to use her). Lorelai in this can has a high skill, can attack in the back row, and has a slightly above average attack power. Her low magic power does her in.
43 – Apple – On your walk back from Pannu Yakuta after the Kwanda events, make a stop to Seika. Go to Mathiu’s classroom to see Apple. Talk to her for a bit and have her join you. She doesn’t really do much except go around and admire Mathiu. She can be used in War Battles alongside Mathiu to build up your attack power, but that’s about it. She has a larger role in the next two Suikoden’s, actually.
44 – Flik – Flik is the immature guy who throws a fit when he gets back to your headquarters after the Kwanda events. Go to Kaku and talk to him and have him join you (he has to join to continue on anyway).
Flik is unlike anyone you have seen to this point. He is a front line, sword-wielding brute. But at the same time he can cast high level Lightning Magic. His defense is a bit low, but his combination of Speed / Skill / Attack Power / Lightning Magic is great. Definitely one of the best characters statistically, which is good since you are forced to use him early and often.

45 – Hellion – Hellion is at Teien after you take over Garan. Go to the Inn and talk to her and have her join. You also get the Blinking Mirror from her, which allows you to teleport back to your HQ (along with Viki, you can go places really fast now).
A personal favorite in the mage class. Like Luc, she is best used in the back row despite her short weapon. Her value is in that Mother Earth Rune. Compared to the greater magicians like Crowley she is inferior  statistically besides defense, but her Mother Earth Rune can dominate early on.
46 – Lotte – Lotte is at Rikon, looking for her cat Mina. Hmm. There is a cat running around Kaku – equip a Holy Rune, and go catch that cat. Bring it back to Lotte and she will join you.
Lotte is more of a magician than anything else. Not a great one, but her magic is in that tier below. She does have good overall stats, making her attacks marginally better than what you’ll get from other mages.
47 – Jabba – Jabba is the appraiser at Rikon Village. He can be one of the most annoying characters to recruit in the game, because you have to fight Holly Boys forever until they drop a Nameless Urn. People around Rikon and Antei give some hints, but I don’t think they make the Nameless Urn any more likely to be dropped.
48 – Mina – There was Mina the cat, now there is Mina the dancer. She is at Antei, west of Teien. Go to the Inn, and make sure you have the Toe Shoesequipped on McDohl (Hero). Your first pair of Toe Shoes should have been found at Castle Toran when you initially stormed it and fought the dragon. I’m sure you can run across another pair somewhere. Anyway, have the pair on and talk to Mina, and you will dance with her. She joins afterwards.
Mina is a short ranged character, with high luck and slightly above average magic. Her power is weak and she’s not that skilled, leaving her vulnerable on the front lines. Probably best kept as a mediocre back-row magician option.
49 – Chapman – As you first get to Antei, go to the Item Shop. Chapman is here and you can recruit him. He opens up an armor shop at your HQ which collects armor that you’ve seen at other towns.
50 – Jeane – Like Chapman, just go to Jeane at her rune shop and you can recruit her. She opens up a rune shop at your HQ. And unfortunately, like Viki, she is a future elite magician who can’t be used in battle in this one.
51 – Gen – Gen is at Teien, in the left-most house on the north end of town. After you check out the rapids south of Rikon, return to your HQ and people will talk about trying to clear the rapids. This is your cue to go to Teien and to Gen’s house. He has an idea, to go to Kamandol’s house, so he joins.
This guy is no good. His attack is poor for a front line fighter. His skill is his best stat but that won’t do us much good when he can’t do much damage anyway. And no magic ability.
52 – Kamandol – After you get Gen above, go east to Kamandol’s house and he will be recruited.
Kamandol is very bad. He is a front line fighter, but is weak defensively and with his attack power. He is extremely skilled, but again, he just doesn’t do enough damage to warrant a front line spot. Not to mention he can’t cast magic. Let the poor guy hang out at your HQ instead. But he does have a Fatal Attack Unite with Gen.
53 – Kimberly – Liukan will get flown away to prison, and after you fail trying to enter the prison, go back to HQ. Mathiu sends you to Kimberly at Antei, and she joins.
Kimberly is not great in battle. A short ranged character with poor defense, no magic ability and weak attack. Not much she can do to help you in battle as her high luck and skill don’t compensate.
54 – Tesla – Joins with Kimberly after some hassling by Viktor. He does not do much, just forges some stuff for you.
55 – Dr. Liukan – You first go by the rapids to see him at his Hermitage. He is carried away to prison, so break into Soniere Prison and rescue him at the very bottom.
Liukan is very similar statistically to Kamandol. Liukan is actually weaker, but is luckier by a lot and has more skill slightly. But they both stink at magic so they can’t really do damage, and are both forced to be in the front lines.
56 – Esmeralda – She is like Jabba in that you have one of those crappy pray-the-enemy-drops-an-item quests. For Esmeralda, it is the Opal and it is dropped at Soniere Prison. Hopefully with little effort you can find it as a random drop. Esmeralda can be found on the second floor of the Antei Inn.
57 – Milich Oppenheimer – This flamboyant imperial general is often missed as a recruit. That’s because most people choose to have him killed, but choose to spare him after his defeat at Scarleticia.
Milich is solid overall. Not great, but he has a good magic, slightly above average attack and defense, and decent enough skill.
58 – Ivanov – A Painter at Scarleticia. After you defeat Milich, return to Scarleticia and talk to Ivanov to recruit him.
Not much he does. Just bring the different colored paint you find to him and he’ll have a huge portrait eventually.
59 – Kasios – Kasios is the singer obsessed with Milich. She is at Scarleticia. After you defeat Milich and spare him, put Milich in your party and go back to Scarleticia. You need Milich in your party as you talk to Kasios to recruit her.
60 – Qlon – She is the greeter at Antei. Return to her after defeating Milich and she’ll be glad to join your army. She does the same thing at your castle. However, she is a part of the Maximillian Knights which is the strongest war battle group.
61 – Anji – One of the pirates northwest of Castle Toran. After the events at Scarleticia, bring Tai Ho and Yam Koo over there. Have a good party, because you will have to fight the three pirates. They are tough, but if you have someone to heal you should be fine. Focus on one of them at a time to reduce the amount of enemies you have to fight quickly.
Weak defensively and with magic, but he’s strong and skilled. His Pirate attack with Kanak and Leonardo does 2.5 x damage to an enemy.
62 – Kanak – Joins with Anji above.
Probably the weakest pirate to join you. He is lucky, fast, and skilled, and his attack power is not bad, but his defense is weak and terrible magic.
63 – Leonardo – Joins with Anji above.
Tougher than Kanak for sure, defensively and with attack power. Not as skilled by far though. Overall it’s close between Leonardo and Kanak, but it’s clear Anji is the only pirate worth using..
64 – Kasumi – Once you return to HQ after Scarleticia, at the meeting room you will meet the Ninja Kasumi. She joins automatically.
Much better than she is in Suikoden II. She is not constricted to the front row with a short-range weapon in Suikoden I. Her attack power is higher and her speed is off the charts, not to mention her Shrike Rune is nice. That said, her decent magic count is wasted by having the Shrike Rune on (a fair price to pay for a good rune). So you’ll have to make sure her weapon is sharpened if you are using her since that is Kasumi’s only recourse.
65 – Sarah – The girl washing clothes with the blue dress in Kirov. She is running out of Soap so you need to find that for Sarah. Thus begins a chase going all over the village talking to seemingly every random villager, getting one item and delivering another. After about 5-6 deliveries you finally get the Soap for Sarah, and she is recruited.
Sarah is better than you would think. Her attack is stronger than just about every other long-range character except Clive. And her magic ability is good enough to competently wield her own rune. She is vulnerable defensively but she’d be in the back row if you used her anyway.
66 – Georges – The goofball at the Kirov Inn. You have to play a card game with him, but this one is easy compared to the luck based Chinchirorin. Just get a card match in the middle of the cards, and watch how the other opens fan out and get many more matches. This should allow you to win easy and recruit Georges. Georges cannot be used in normal battles.
67 – Lester – Lester is a cook at Kirov. Go into the Kirov houses and check the fire pots aka the stew. After you test it in a few houses, return to that big center house in the far south of Kirov. Lester will be inside. Recruit him since he can tell you appreciate his soup.
Lester is like Antonio in battle – terrible in every way. His frying pan can level up to 170 attack power that’s about the best thing (and with the crappy attack power, he is still bad).
68 – Blackman – Farmer at the destroyed village of Kalekka, north of Kirov. At the northwest end is Blackman and his crops – whatever you do, don’t step on his field (at least until after you recruit him). Talk to Blackman and he will be recruited.
A medium-ranged attack-only character. Probably best suited with the Killer Rune since he has no magic ability whatsoever. Strong defensively (much like other medium-ranged attacker Kwanda). But his skill and speed are not up to par, and his power is not that great for someone that just uses regular attacks. Granted, his sharpened weapon reaches 170 attack points at level 16! Still, just average at best.
69 – Melodye – Melodye is at the southwest part of Kirov. We need to find the Sound Crystal for Melodye, and we just have to go north to Kalekka. In the northeast part of Kalekka is a building a lot of people forget about – inside is a Sound Crystal. Bring the Sound Crystal to Melodye at Kirov to recruit Melodye. Give Melodye all of your Sound Settings that you have found from treasures or battles. Melodye cannot be used in battle.
70 – Ledon – Crazy looking innkeeper from Mt. Tigerwolf. After poisoning you at Mt Tigerwolf, you will run into him at the Liberation Army’s Secret Factory, which is north of Kalekka. You have to go here through the story anyway, and you’ll see a scene with Kessler and Ledon as you enter. Let Ledon join. He will not be used in battles but acts as another Thief in War Battles.
71 – Kessler – Or Boss Kessler as Ledon would say. He joins at the Secret Factory, just ask him.
Kessler is like a poor man’s version of Varkas. A tad more skilled than Varkas but by level 60 Varkas has Kessler on power by 30, defense by 20 and hit points by almost 100. Not to mention, no unite attack for Kessler. He will only be effective if you sharpen his weapon often (it does go up to 170 attack power) and / or give him an attack based rune like the Killer Rune.
72 – Kage – Ninja you see earlier at SaradyKage is at the northwest part of the Secret Factory – you have to pay him 20000 bits to join the rest of the war, so do so.You have recruited Kage.
Kage is not that good in normal battles. His power is mediocre, skill is good but only average for long-range types. Good speed, but his weak attack and no magic ability make him a liability in battle – he simply doesn’t do enough damage. However, Kage has immense value in War Battles as a Ninja, who can automatically see what type of attack the enemy will use.
73 – Ronnie Bell – Also joins automatically after leaving Secret Factory for Kirov with you and Mose.
Ronnie is like a female version of Pahn. She is weaker than Pahn, but Pahn has one of the highest attack power in the game. She is stronger and more skilled than the other martial artists like Eikei and Morgan. Her Hate Rune takes off good damage and doesn’t cause her to go unbalanced the turn after. Like the other martial artists her magic ability sucks, but at least she has the best rune.
74 – Mose – Joins along with the other half-dozen characters above at the Secret Factory.
Mose is your third blacksmith, and he can sharpen your weapons to 12 or so (I think). Mose is actually the best Blacksmith besides the final one. At least in terms of attack power, defensive power and hit points (which are the three most relevant stats for blacksmiths). Still, you can find better characters who can attack-only.
75 – Kun To – Kun To is the ship warlord at KirovTai Ho knows him. Eventually, KunTo is convinced and gives you plenty of boats to bring the Fire Spears to HQ. Kun To then joins. He cannot be used in regular battles but acts as a unit to bribe enemies in War Battles.
76 – Grenseal – After the defeat of Teo, Hero then recruits Grenseal.
Grenseal is one of those front-line magicial-type fighters. Like Flik but more versed in magic ability and defense, and less capable with attack power and skill. One big advantage is having a Thunder Rune locked in for some of the best attack magic in the entire game. Flik / Alen / Grenseal have a Pretty Boy Unite attack but it’s not that great and probably rare that you have all three on your front line at once (though not a bad idea).
77 – Alen – After the defeat of Teo, you recruit Alen.
Alen is more like Flik than Grenseal (not as magic-heavy, but more competitive in the attacking abilities). Alen does have a higher defense and Magic ability compared to Flik, and a slightly higher attack power (though they’re basically equal there). Alen also has a Rage Rune embedded, as he is lucky to have a high-level rune like Grenseal. One of the best all around characters in the game.
78 – Kirke – Once you defeat Teo, your army will go after the Fortress of Lorimar. Take Lorimar Fortress and then leave / re-enter. You will see the gravedigger, Kirke. Ask him to join.
This guy is really generic. Very similar to Griffith, Gen, Gon, etc. Average attack power, skill and defense. But no magic ability, mediocre hit point total and a horrendous luck make him only usable if you’re experimenting.
79 – Moose – After taking Lorimar, put all three blacksmiths in your party (Maas, Meese, and Mose). Southwest of Lorimar is the Warrior’s Village – enter the northeast blacksmith building. Talk to Moose with the above three blacksmiths, and Moose will be recruited. Now that you have recruited Moose you can level your weapons up to level 15.
In battle, Moose is actually one of the worst blacksmiths. Tied for the worst attack power with Maas. Worst in magic (though they all stink), and really only has skill to his credit.
80 – Marco – You met Marco at Rockland, and hopefully abused the pattern in his game to win tens of thousands of bits. Anyway, you meet him again later in the game at the Warrior’s Village. Win just 10000 bits and you will recruit Marco, and can play his game at your HQ. Problem is, the trick used before to abuse the game even on the highest speed, you cannot do anymore. Doesn’t matter, you can make more potch with Gaspar anyway.
81 – Rubi – Once you reach Warrior’s Village and recruit the blacksmiths, return to HQ and put Kirkis in your party and return back. Fight around Warrior’s Village until you reach the high 30′s in level for Kirkis. Now return back to HQ and go to the Burnt Elve’s Village, and walk north to the Kobold’s Village / Great Forest. Go to the Inn and talk to Rubi. Now that Kirkis is in the high 30′s for a level, Rubi now respects Kirkis. You then recruit Rubi.
Rubi’s stats are eerily similar to Cleo’s in terms of attack power, magic power, skill, and speed. Rubi’s defense is a tad worse and Rubi has a horrendous luck, but overall his comparison to Cleo is a good thing. Rubi is one of the more effective long-range users because of his overall ability – decent attack but good magic skills for his class.
82 – Quincy – Quincy is the red-head over at Garan Fortress. He won’t join you for a while after you first meet him. You can probably recruit him earlier but I usually swing by there after entering the Warrior’s Village area.
Great skill and good luck. Strong defense for a long-range character, but only a mediocre attack with no magic ability. Quincy has some use as a long-range attacker but just doesn’t offer much dynamic offensive potential.
83 – Zen – Find Zen at Qlon Temple. He is in the northeast part of the temple exterior, planting some stuff. However, he needs some Red Seeds, Blue Seeds and Yellow Seeds. You can buy these seeds at Rikon, Teien and Warrior’s Village. Bring all three back to Zen and you can recruit Zen. He cannot be used in battle, just plants stuff at your HQ.
84 – Morgan – Morgan is a blind fellow at Qlon Temple. Talk to him to recruit Morgan.
In battle, Morgan is like a poor version of Pahn. Morgan is much weaker than Pahn and a tad weaker than Ronnie Bell (not to mention her rune is much better than the Boar Rune). His biggest problem though is his awful skill – he will miss quite often. This is why the Boar Rune is actually effective for him since it will connect at least. Terrible magic but that’s to be expected from this class. Morgan does have a unite with Pahn and Eikei for 3x damage.
85 – Fukien – Fukien shows you the way into the Qlon Cave. He then joins automatically.
Fukien is an interesting character in battle since he comes with the rare Resurrection Rune. Rare in Suikoden I at least, it becomes more mainstream in Suikoden II. Anyway, his rune has a low level attack spell, a revival spell (very useful), Scream for 300 HP healed for everyone and Charm Arrow for 500 damage to all. Pretty versatile rune, though the down point is that Fukien’s magic power isn’t really that high for a magician – not to mention the two best Resurrection Rune spells by far are the level 3 and 4 ones. Fukien has a high defense for a magician but is still better in the back row.
86 – Hugo – The librarian at Qlon Temple. Inside the Qlon Cave, you will find a passage that leads to a room with the War Scroll. It is near where you walk through the wall to get to Crowley, but you go northeast into the room instead. This is near the end of the cave / the Hidden Rune Village. Return to Qlon Temple and talk to Hugo by the bookshelves. Hugo will now join once you give him the War Scroll. Hugo is on the third floor of your castle and you can give him your Old Book Volumes.
87 – Window – Window the Window Setting guy. He needs a Window Crystal, naturally (just like Melodye and the Sound Crystal). The Window Crystal can be found in the Qlon Temple – it is near the beginning, in one of the first rooms. You have to walk south through a winding passage in the wall to get there.
88 – Eikei – Eikei is at the Teien port. He tells you how many levels you need to gain to be able to recruit him. You will have to get to level 40 with the Hero to recruit him, which is either after going through the Qlon Cave (or going to Neclord’s Castle immediately after Lorimar).
Eikei is over-rated anyway. The worst attack power out of all the martial artists, somehow. You’d think he’d be a lot more formidable than that. He does have the Double-Beat Rune which helps but still, his value is not what you would think it is.
89 – Hix – I hate this guy. Definitely one of the most annoying characters in any Suikoden. Hix joins automatically at Neclord’s Castle and you have to use Hix on the front line for this mission. Terrible.
Outfit him so at least his defense is decent – his attack and skill are slightly above average at best. No magic ability. Hix isn’t any better in Suikoden II.
90 – Tengaar – The real prize from the Neclord and Warrior Village quest. She joins after you save her at Neclord’s Castle (ie have defeated Neclord).
Tengaar is like a Cleo-type, but more of a magician. Still somewhat gifted physically, but her low HP count and weak defense mean she has to be in the back row. Her attack is serviceable at least, but her real value is her magic ability. 180+ magic power in the high 50′s! She’s one of the best long-range attackers / magician hybrids. A good choice for a magician that can at least provide some value with physical attacks.
91 – Leon Silverberg – Leon is the reknowned war tactician now hiding out at the destroyed village of Kalekka. You need about 90 recruits to recruit Leon (which is basically right after Neclord / before the Dragon Knight’s side quest). Return to Kalekka after Hix and Tengaar join (along with everyone else on the list above them), and Leon will say something like ‘My, how the Liberation Army has grown. Tell Mathiu’. So go to Mathiu on the fourth floor in his room, and he will have a letter for you to give to Leon. Return to Kalekka and with the letter and Mathiu’s appearance, Leon Silverberg will join your army. Make absolutely sure you do this early because otherwise Leon is an easily miss-able recruit (because Mathiu is involved in story functions, it is important to get him before or after the Dragon Knights section).
Leon acts as a third tactician with the power-boosting ability Mathiu has. Make absolutely certain you get Leon after the Dragon Knight episode. There are not many opportunities where Mathiu is free to get the letter to send to Leon.
92 – Clive – Clive may or may not be available this early in the game. He is at Rikon, at the Inn (1st floor). It may be difficult to get him to show up – keep entering and exiting Rikon and checking back if he’s not showing up. With 90+ recruits he should eventually start showing up.
Clive is not quite as powerful as he is in Suikoden 2, that said he is still an asset as a powerful long-range attacker. Good hit points, great skill, decent speed. Terrible defense and luck, but oh well. Just use him for regular attacks in the back row.
93 – Crowley – The hermit-looking Magician at Qlon Cave. He is near the end of the cave – in the third area or fourth area, you will enter a room and go south and you can walk through a big wall – much bigger than the one with the Window Crystal earlier. This winding path leads to Crowley at the far south – if you have enough recruits (90-100+) you should be able to recruit Crowley.
Crowley is absurd in battle. It’s too bad you can only equip 1 rune in Suikoden I, or he’d be even better. Still, give him a Thunder Rune or keep thatCyclone Rune on him – he can do massive damage with the highest magic attack in the game not to mention he has a million spells to use. Stick him in the back row to hide his attack / defense.
94 – Pesmerga – You have to travel to the top of Neclord’s Castle to recruit Pesmerga. Having a Champion’s Crystal helps to do so since you won’t be fighting random battles then. Like the last few characters above, you need 90+ characters to even get Pesmerga to show up and be recruited. Anyway, meet him at the top by the piano and he will join your army in search of Yuber.
Pesmerga is a terror. Few have the attack power and hit point total that Pesmerga does. His defense is good and he can equip some of the best armor in the game – not to mention he looks cool. No magic ability, but he’s elite at what he does so that makes up for it. Some stats may carry over to Suikoden II but he’s so skilled in both Suikoden I and Suikoden II that that likely doesn’t matter.
95 – Kreutz – Kreutz is an old warlord that has battled against Humphrey Mintz. He now stays at the Dragon’s Den with Joshua. You will visit withHumphrey and Flik, so talk to Kreutz on the 1st floor of the Dragon Knight’s Castle. Humphrey will convince Kreutz to join.
A good fighter, but generic and passable at this point. Very close to Humphrey in most stats, but lacking a bit in the statistics that matter (attack power and defense by a little). Terrible magician and terrible luck – give him a Killer Rune to increase his value on the front line.
96 – Fuma – Fuma is another ninja. Fuma is at the Dragon Knight’s Fortress, on the east exterior – you can vaguely see his head sticking out. Talk to him after you find him and have him join you.
Fuma is terrible in battle just like Kage. Stronger and with more hit points than Kage, but lacking in skill and speed a bit. That said he’s probably better than Kage if you want to use one of them. Anyway, his value comes from War Battles, being able to see what the enemy will do next.
97 – Milia – Milia is one of the leaders at the Dragon Knight’s Fortress. She initially joins you to go to Seek Valley to acquire some ingredients, and then joins permanently a bit later.
Nothing flashy from Milia in battle, but she’s a personal favorite. Very fast for an attacker, and her attack power and defensive power are competitive withHumphrey, Kwanda and other brute-types. No value as a magician though.
98 – Joshua – Joshua is the leader of the Dragon Knight’s and the possessor of the True Dragon Rune, one of the 27 True Runes. After you save theDragon’s after the Seek Valley events with Liukan, Joshua and the Dragon Knight’s join you automatically. He cannot be used in battle but his Dragon Knight’s attack in War Battles is quite powerful against non-bow-wielding units.
99 – Futch – Futch is the little Dragon Knight who takes you on the tour to see Leknaat very early in the game. You then see him later on at the Dragon Knight’s Fortress as he goes to acquire an ingredient. After the event and the Dragons being saved, Futch joins.
I don’t like Futch in Suikoden I or II either. Too mediocre – speed is his best asset, but it’s not that great, and it doesn’t make up for his relatively weak attack power and his lackluster magic abilities. He can equip some good armor but that’s about it – oh, but if you level him in Suikoden I some of his stats will transfer over to Suikoden II.
100 – Taggart – Taggart appears once you return from the Dragon Knight’s Fortress. He tells you Viktor and Warren are captured at Moravia. Then he joins automatically. He has no use in battle or anywhere else really.
101 – Mace – You need all the other blacksmiths recruited and in your active party when you go to visit him (Moose, Mose, Meese, and Maas). You also need 90+ recruits to recruit Mace. Your first opportunity for this is after returning from the Dragon’s Den events and then meeting with Taggart. You can then go to Mathiu and put in any 5 members of your choosing. Mace is at Seek Valley – travel through the first few areas and at the three-way split going north, take the northeastern path. This leads to Mace’s house. With all the blacksmiths and the right amount of recruits, Mace takes on this last job and you recruit Mace.
The master blacksmith that allows you to level your weapon up to level 16. If you are going to use a blacksmith in battle, Mace is the most gifted in terms of statistics. This makes him an average attacker, better than the below-average work we get from the other blacksmiths. Still, you probably don’t want to use Mace in battle. He can only have his weapon sharpened to level 15 (since Mace is the only one you can talk to and sharpen a weapon to level 16).
102 – Griffith – Imperial General who you meet as you travel through the Northern Checkpoint to Moravia. After Griffith’s defeat to Mathiu’s surprise attack, recruit Griffith. He aids you in getting through Moravia and joins afterwards. If you choose to assassinate him, Mathiu will instead suggest using him as a plan (even though Griffith himself will say he’s useless).
Mediocre character in battle. I kind of like him just for novelty sake and because he looks cool, but he’s not actually good. Defense, attack power, skill and hit points are all mediocre, and he’s an awful magician.
103 – Warren – Warren is Viktor’s Friend, and Viktor goes to visit him after the Neclord incident. Later on you find that they were captured by Kasim Hazil, so you have to break into Moravia to save them. At the top you save and recruit Warren.
Very much like Griffith actually, except he can fight in the back row (medium-ranged). Decent attack and defense, but not anything special for someone who just uses regular attacks. No magic ability. Pass.
104 – Kasim Hazil – Takes over Moravia castle, home of Warren. After reaching the top and saving Warren, you have Kasim Hazil surrounded by your troops. You then spare and recruit Kasim Hazil.
Great attack power for a swordsman, and good defense and HP too. Not as skilled as you would think, and no magic ability. But still, he is quite powerful and must be considered for a front-line spot accordingly.
105 – Max – Max is the leader of the Maximillian Knights. After saving Warren and recruiting Kasim Hazil, return to Northern Checkpoint. Max andSancho run in – let them join. Be careful; if you say no, Maximilian will be gone.
Max cannot be used in regular battles. But look at his ‘Charge’ attack – it is the highest in the game!! Somehow it is. So you will certainly be using him in lateWar Battles.
106 – Sancho – Joins with Max above. Is a part of Max’s award-winning Charge Attack in War Battles.
107 – Vincent De Boule – The tricky aristocrat who you meet at Antei. He helps you get into the Dragon’s Den just northwest of Antei. Later on you see him with Warren at the top of Moravia – you can’t save him upon initially getting to the top, but go to the top again to recruit Vincent and get the Mother Earth Crystal.
Vincent cannot be used in battle, he just prances around with Milich.
108 – Sonya Shulen – Sonya is in love with Teo McDohl. She is the last character you can recruit, after the Fortress of Shasarazade battle. Once you defeat her in battle and return to HQ, visit her in her cell in the basement and keep asking her to join you. She will. Just make sure you do this right away so that you have all 108 Stars of Destiny before the Gregminster invasion.
Sonya is competent with the sword and magic, much like Flik / Alen / Grenseal.

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